By Sheharyar Arif

Paradigm being


A paracosmic journey followed by the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep is an essence of childhood’s dream world. Embraced in the wings of the fathomless depths of that universe, a dreaming child perceives those surreal and out-of the-world entities that appear as floating or levitating that might contradict all the physical laws of our known universe. But as soon as one steps into adulthood, the dream world starts to manipulate its cosmos by absorbing the reflection of the dreamer’s outer world. The surrealism starts to fade away gradually, the floating beings start to row their surrounding water in a certain direction and the once-levitated entities now know gravity as a lodestone. These two dichotomized versions of the same phenomenon can be described well in just these two words respectively: Infinity and Boundary.

A software engineer writes a code and the program works as per instructed. That code engineer defines the boundaries of the program via that code. Wait! Doesn’t this ring a bell in your mind? Just recall your whole past life for a moment. Doesn’t this Code-Program thing reflect our life? Aren’t we the “Programs” of those “Codes” with those “Boundaries of Thinking” instilled in our minds since childhood?

Since our early years of existence, we start following a certain religion. All those prescribed prayers and religious rituals are followed. But rarely do we develop an intimacy with our Creator. Why? I guess because we never let our logical-self fuse in our spontaneous-self because of that “Code” that has programmed us in a not-to-think state.

Nowadays the trend of scientific channels has been escalated. As a matter of fact, they are quite impressive if one thinks of the effort they put into. Speaking of scientific shows that cover metaphysical hypotheses, a show “Though the Wormhole” is noteworthy in this respect. The best part of these shows are that they don’t dish out some biased conclusion at the end, rather they trigger your instincts to break the cage of paradigm your mind has resided into for years. For instance, the first episode of “Though the Wormhole” named as “Is there a Creator?” journeys through the opinions of some great minds but at the end, they let you decide whether you have your Creator or not. But mostly people don’t like to step out of their comfort zone and keep on absorbing what they are fed.

Every born child is fed an idea of some certain profession to follow. They study those subjects and might wind up stepping into that particular field. But what if they have had let their true instincts wander in the lands of their true self to decide what they want to be? Danielle LaPorte, a Canadian author, gave us this mind prevailing quote “Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?” This quote certainly tosses our mind in those lands of our true self for a moment and a distant thought feels to come closer telling us that yes we are those programs that work under the directions of a code that has carved our thoughts according to a certain paradigm. But aren’t we that creation which has the ability to plunge into the ocean of Collective Consciousness by their instincts and be whatever they wish. But this is not as easy as it sounds, as soon as one tries to take a leap from the Paradigm track, the “Be Practical” bullet by the society puts that creature back to its old track.

The 13th century’s great theologian, Rumi, has remained a spiritually inspirational figure up to this century. His concern for creation reflected in his teachings. He encouraged people for the introspection of their true selves. Quoting one of his sayings, he said “Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?”. This certainly doesn’t need any further explanation, I guess. We, ourselves, have to break that self-made mental cage. No one is coming to save “you” from you.

Epitomizing the above few lines, I think it would be quite appropriate to conclude that we are those “Programs” that have been coded in confliction to our true human-instinctive nature. We are those Paradigm-Beings who don’t let their instincts wander in their true-self’s land. But no! This is not the end. The real question still stands in our way. Are we going to withhold our self from taking that leap of faith again and again? To withhold our self from wandering in the lands of our true-self? Why that paracosm faded away which used to give us those blows of “infinity”? Why those floating bodies stopped submitting to the flow of that universe? Why the levitated entities got trapped in the enchantment of gravity? Why that “Infinity” got fused into a “Boundary”? None of these were questions. Were they? Because the answer has always been lying somewhere within us. We asphyxiated those human instincts by becoming the Paradigm-Beings. But like I said, “this is not the end”. If a certain type of plant is grown at some place then that doesn’t mean that, that particular plant can’t be uprooted if it shows some negative results. And that doesn’t mean in any way that, that place is now incapable of bearing a new plant of a different type.

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