Creative Writing Featured — 07 June 2018
Tick Tock! We Have You Under Our Watch
Two days ago we witnessed a storm. Dark clouds had enveloped the sky spitting down dust on our face as we dared venture out in hope to kill this oppressive heat. However, it didn’t make any difference as we again ended up having routine blackout for a very long time. There was no break from the heat, it seemed. It appeared to keep taunting us for appearing so desperate for a change. Then, in the brief span of electricity we gleefully have, our TV set turned on with a branded politician making people stand in ovation for our national anthem. What choice did we really have but to oblige?
“ Aziz Hamwatnon (dear fellow countrymen),”
he said with much authority, as if he had been energized with an extraterrestrial force, as if you turn the clock of the toy to make it sing in that cracked female voice coming from all made-in-china number do maal.
“Give me 10 days more to my previously promised 90 days to end corruption this time. I will not only end it, but will provide ample job opportunities for all of you to curb this menace, because it is a huge field that takes precedence over science and development sector. I assure you, change is coming this time again. I promise. With the unfathomable wider scope of ousting our corrupt politicians, believe me, none of you would be left jobless.”
Before ending the speech, he was kind enough to not forget to thank the people enjoying burgers with coke at his  Jalsa!
“I am proud of you sacrifices, and take pride in your generosity even to the point of letting us avail your jet services on charity.You all do it because you trust in our commitment. Thank you so much for having trust in me, but can we trust you too?”
There was a ROAR! Much more amplified this time around and his audience went crazy and high!
Then there was a blackout again, again to be followed by breaking news telling us that the storm won’t go away too easily. However, the channel pointed out that it doesn’t really matter in the end because—as it quoted Chief Justice’s recent remark that— we will all die  anyway.
Things were not so different this time. It was the same old story of routine and expectations, (read: not our expectation but theirs–the extraterrestrial creatures’). There had to come a time where all inhibited emotions had to storm out, and perhaps that was the day. It all started nearly two days earlier when all those secrets of the hearts of us, the treasonous souls, were leaked to media. An entire battalion of  army had to be commenced immediately to probe further  into highly confidential material being floated on the social media by us. The Major General Sb. was too sad to disclose it to us, that indeed almost all Pakistanis have sold themselves out to the enemies of the state–the enemies that are not on the other side of the border, but are within–that Pakistanis have betrayed their army once again.
“This is grievous for us. This is damaging for us. Do you even know the cost of twitter and your irresponsible use of facebook? We had to withdraw almost 2/3rd of our soldiers from the borders just to monitor you for the garbage you churn out there and to prove you wrong, no matter at what cost.  While you keep whining about democracy and not having civilian control online, you–and may God curse you for that–do not take us as humans with sentiments. Why this selective injustice to us, may I ask? Don’t we have a right to feel hurt as well?”
He broke down. But not in vain, as our hearts broke too, followed by our silence.
“Just stop your Topi Drama once and for all” and then he further added, “You are under our watch!”
It is now just a matter of time for us the ghaddars!

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