A non-profit bi-lingual publication working in collaboration with Laaltain Magazine to counter mispresentative and biased media reporting.

It is a concept of de-linking the retrograde political ideologies that have pulled Pakistan in different directions, so much so that any opposing view has often led to discrimination of entire communities based on their religious background and geological regions; target murders; public humiliation of the ostracized and religious minorities; hate mongering, mob tortures and murder. If looked scientifically, it is a result of years of media contents, textbook and literature brainwashing that have been falsifying facts and instilling unjustified propaganda through use of sentimentalism, a repercussion of which is the murder of rational thought of the masses. It was not like so at least two generations ago, when people were open to new ideas and were tolerant, modern and welcoming, except for the fatal mistakes of the army dictatorships whose policies remain the main cause of successive degeneration of masses today.
The problem:

The orthodox attitude has a direct link with negative media inculcation that outnumbers a very few print media with progressive reporting available whose readership, according to an estimate, is less than just 2% of the entire print media in the offering in the media market. The majority of newspapers that urban and literate rural masses subscribe to have a structural flaw of professionalism, lack of objectivity and include invocation of prejudices based on assumptions, conspiracy theories without concrete evidence; thus feeding the mind of the reader with misconception about ground realities that only the worker class, bonded labor, destitute, the indigenous tribes and the ostracized communities can relate to. There is a lack of objective, evidence- based writing causing more confusion than imparting an un-opinionated world view in our masses, which can otherwise, help them start questioning the ridiculous logic that the propagandized media feeds them.

The idea of this campaign is to produce a pragmatic approach through awareness imparted through a bi-lingual publication, Ibtidah-the beginning which is working in collaboration with another progressive magazine, the Laaltain (www.laaltain.com), that can give an opportunity to all like-minded pragmatic youth to strive with their writing skills, both in Urdu and English in any beat to counter the conspiracies filled in the mainstream news media. For this reason, myself, along with some dedicated young writers are in the process of strategizing this campaign, to move it forward and to recognize the dedicated writers and innovators for their insight they bring into this sphere. I know, there are many such organizations doing excellent job in this, but the more we grow in number to promote a peaceful, tolerant, learned and beautiful Pakistan, more the extremists will go to the side corner. We need interested writers, volunteers for this venture, that can help us establish their worthy names in the struggle for a better Pakistan we all dream about. We need you for this. Please write, for a pen is mightier than sword—guns rather. Interested young writers may please inbox me your articles at zeeba.hashmi@gmail.com.


Zeeba.T. Hashmi